• Elect Mike Winker for St. Tammany Parish School Board, District 8

A Passion for Education….
31 Years of Experience

Experience as an Educator

31 Years of Service in
St. Tammany Parish Schools

Administrative Experience

15 Years as the Principal at
Pearl River High School

Administrative Accolade

2010 St. Tammany Parish
Principal of the Year


Board of

Every school district in the United States has a board of education. These organizations set the policies of our public elementary, middle, and high schools. Their existence is based on the idea that local control of public education makes schools more responsive to the needs of the local community.

School boards act as a public watchdog, setting direction and goals for the school district, and to ensure that those goals are kept on track.

A school board’s primary responsibilities vary from district to district, but generally include:

  • Sets the vision and goals for the school district
  • Adopts policies and setting priorities to achieve its goals
  • Sets student performance standards
  • Establishes school budgets
  • Approves the school calendar
  • Adopts curriculum
  • Evaluates and/or hires the superintendent
  • Selects transportation systems
  • Approves contracts with outside vendors
  • Manage collective bargaining for district employees

The board balances the business of actually running the school district while establishing and monitoring its’ academic priorities.

School Board
District 8


Sixth Ward Elementary

Creekside Junior

Pearl River High


602, 603, 604, 801, 804, 815, 902, 903, P01 and a portion of 803

Sixth Ward

Education is an investment into our future….

  • Education is an investment in the future of our country and is the foundation for an informed democratic society.
  • High standards of performance and continuous improvement are essential for high-quality education.
  • Knowledge of basic skills and critical thinking form the foundation for life-long learning.
  • Excellence in education and accountability for student success are best achieved through cooperative vision and effort of students, families, educators, and community.

Challenging curriculum, high-quality instruction….

  • All students can learn to their potential given appropriate expectations, challenging curriculum, and high-quality instruction that addresses the individual learning styles, developmental levels, and background of students.
  • School curriculum should be engaging, challenging, and responsive to the changing needs of society.
  • Technology skills are essential for enhancing communication, broadening sources of information, and functioning in a technology-rich society.

Junior High

Pearl River
High School

Our community & their children should expect….

  • A safe and caring school environment that supports the well-being and positive self-worth of students is fundamental to a high-quality education;
  • Teaching citizenship and modeling respect and ethical behavior are important to help students become productive, responsible members of society;
  • The school must attract and retain exemplary employees and must provide ongoing professional development that meets the needs of students, staff, and community; and
  • Open, ongoing communication is necessary to build trust and cooperation.

Mike Winkler
St. Tammany Parish School Board
District 8

Quick Facts

  • 31 years service in St. Tammany Parish Schools
  • 15 years as principal at Pearl River High School
  • Helped Pearl River High School to reach “A” status on the state’s accountability scale
  • Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University
  • 2010 St. Tammany Parish Principal of the Year
  • My children attended St. Tammany Schools from Kindergarten through Graduation


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Sixth Ward Elementary


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